Wealth Management

At Ponder Financial Group, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all investment proposition.  Your investment portfolio should align with your unique financial objectives, and your goals, preferences, and risk tolerance should all be considered when developing your investment strategy.  Your plan should be flexible, allowing for adjustments as your needs and objectives change or as the economic landscape shifts.  

Our Investment Philosophy:

Diversified Portfolios

We believe a globally diversified portfolio is a sound foundation for investors and should include stocks, bonds, cash, and alternative investments that have the potential to appreciate in all market conditions.


We are fee-based advisors and employ tax-efficient and cost-effective approaches wherever possible in managing your portfolio. 

Core-Satellite Approach

We implement a core-satellite approach.  This is a portfolio philosophy that combines the best of portfolio theory and a real world market tested approach.  In essence, it combines the low cost and tax efficiency of index investing with actively managed funds and direct investments.

Strategic Approach

We believe one strategy does not work in every situation.  We overlay both fundamental and technical approaches in our investment outlook. 

Intellectual Discipline

We constantly scrutinize and monitor holdings for relative attractiveness, risks, and changing valuations.

By partnering with Ponder Financial Group, we can help you create a sound, cohesive investment roadmap that aligns with your personal vision of the future.

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